Hockey team helps Camp Squeah

Though it seems like a long time since last November’s flooding left them stranded in Hope, Chilliwack’s U15 A2 hockey team hasn’t forgotten the people who took them in when they couldn’t get home. The teenagers were cut off from Chilliwack on their way back from a tournament in Kelowna and found refuge and support at Camp Squeah.

They were sheltered and fed during a frightening time by Rob Tiessen, his wife, and staff at the camp.

Last weekend was an opportunity to give back. On Saturday, April 9, the boys and some of their parents returned to the once washed out roads and spent the day on the camp grounds. After a winter of snow, heavy winds and rainfall, many trails and recreation areas on the Squeah property were beat up. Fallen trees and debris littered the trails and needed to be cleared.

Logs were rolled, wood was chopped and gathered and the team put in an amazing effort to accomplish some big tasks.

The team presented Tiessen with a Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association (CMHA) hoodie and afterwards, he expressed his appreciation in a message to the team.

“I just want to reiterate again my thanks for each and every one of you for your kind support,” he wrote in a message. “You all exceeded our expectations in terms of what you were able to accomplish on Saturday. Kevin, our chainsaw guy, told me he could barely keep up with you. A sign of great teamwork off the ice which I have no doubt contributed to the success you achieved on the ice last year. You’ve certainly made a Chilliwack fan out of this Hope Wildcat!”

Article by Eric Welsh, Chilliwack Progress