Camp Squeah Update - June 9, 2021

Dear Squeah community,

Our Squeah team, together with our BC Camps Association  has been working diligently with our Public Health Office and the BCCDC over the last number of months in hopes of an announcement like we received yesterday confirming the ban on overnight camping could be lifted this summer.

As we previously shared in the MCBC CONNECT, the planning of two very different plans for this summer (one based on last summer’s approved restrictions and one with the hopes that overnight camps might be permitted) has had its challenges for our team here at Squeah. It’s been a constant push and pull with program development, staffing and hedging in many areas to keep both options as viable as possible all while our 'runway’ in the lead up to the summer has only continued to shrink.

UPDATE: On June 8, we received the long awaited and very welcomed Public Health Order reinstating overnight camp programs for children along with an accompanying set of  approved guidelines from the BC Camps Association. We are reviewing and scrutinizing these updated guidelines. There are a number of considerations surrounding staffing, program development, and ensuring we have a clear understanding of the ‘how’ we need to operate within the approved guidelines before we can absolutely confirm the viability of pivoting our summer plans one way or the other.

We’ve  appreciated your patience to allow our team time and space to accomplish this intensive review.  On June 9, our  final decision regarding the status of our children’s program options this summer will be released on our website. Emails will also be sent updating all enrolled and registered summer camp families. We encourage you to check out this important update and spread the news! We’re counting on the Menno Grapevine more than ever. 

Please know that we are working hard to ensure the Squeah camp experience remains a constant in our campers' lives. Now, more than ever, we know how important this is for them. We have been in the enviable position to be able to hold onto hope longer than many camps in BC and are beyond grateful for your patience and willingness to hold on with us, and are ever appreciative of your continued prayers and support.

Once again, pragmatically speaking of support: We are still urgently looking to fill key staff positions. We are seeking people who love Jesus and who love to serve, who will help us nurture and care for the campers entrusted to our care this summer. Specifically, we need a number of cabin leaders (7 male and 4 female), 3-4 kitchen staff, a lifeguard, a nurse/First Aid attendant, and a few resource counselors who can care for the needs of our cabin leaders. Please spread the word and/or call us today to explore possibilities with us.

Stay safe and healthy!