Benevolence Fund Policy Template

No individual in the community who is willing to receive help in Christ’s name should be without food, shelter and other basic needs.
Furthermore, God’s people are commanded to care for each other.

 Policy Information

Church Emergency Plan Template

This document is intended for use as a template for local church leaders in developing a site-specific plan for church property.
Every church will have different needs, so please adapt these recommendations to fit the needs of your particular site.

 Church Emergency Plan Template

Components of a Rental Policy

The following list provides general guidance on the components of a rental policy.

Components of a Rental Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

No director, officer, employee or volunteer of [CHURCH] shall have an inappropriate conflict of interest.
A conflict of interest will be considered to be inappropriate where such a situation would, in the opinion of the board,
influence or would have the appearance of influencing the conduct or judgment of any director, officer, employee, or volunteer of [CHURCH].


Disbursement Application Form
(Pastor's Bursary Application)

To assist persons in a pastoral role within Mennonite Church British Columbia in furthering their theological education
so as to be able to enrich their personal walk with Jesus and provide theological leadership where God has placed them.

Application Form

Donor Restricted Funds Policy

Churches/charities should ensure that gifts or donations received that are restricted for the support of a particular ministry or
intended to be used for a particular program or project are used solely for such purpose or purposes.


Employment Contract Template

Contract Template

Sabbatical Leave Good Practices

This document of good practices has been compiled to assist applicants and decision makers think
through sabbatical applications holistically.
 Good Practices