Ministerial Sexual Misconduct


Mennonite Church BC (MCBC) is committed to supporting congregations to ensure that they are safe for everyone.

When ministerial sexual misconduct (that is, uninvited sexual engagement of any kind by a church leader) occurs MCBC takes this very seriously.

Sexual misconduct by church leaders is a topic most people want to avoid. But, unfortunately, the church is not immune - abuse does occur and the effects can be devastating. Victims deserve to be heard because the harm must be acknowledged and stopped. 

If you have been a victim of sexual misconduct by a church leader, your story deserves to be heard and you will be treated with dignity, respect, and without judgment. We want to hear about your experiences in a way that will feel safe, respectful, and supportive for you. Our responsibility is to hear your concerns and to ensure that abuse stops and is investigated thoroughly, respecting everyone concerned. We are committed to helping you move beyond the pain to a place of restoration and healing.

The steps involved in reporting ministerial sexual abuse:

  1. The first step, if you believe that a MCBC minister has engaged in ministerial sexual misconduct, is to inform our MCBC Executive Minister Shel Boese. Alternatively, you may contact the Mennonite Central Committee BC (MCC BC) End Abuse Program Coordinator, Elsie Goerzen. (Contact info below.) Both understand sexual misconduct and will listen to your experiences and help you determine how you wish to proceed. Everything said remains confidential and will not proceed further unless you want it to.
  2. Shel or Elsie will review your options for how best to address your situation. Together you will assess what steps can be taken to bring healing and ensure safety for yourself and others.
  3. If it is deemed appropriate to proceed with the complaint, you will be offered a contact person acceptable to you to assist you in preparing a formal complaint. You can also select an individual (or ask for one to be appointed) to provide personal support to you through the process.
  4. After a formal complaint is received, MCBC will take action based on established protocol which Shel or Elise reviewed with you.

Contact information:

Shel Boese, MCBC Executive Minister
Email: shelboese[at]   Phone: 604.850.6658

Elsie Goerzen, MCC BC End Abuse Program Coordinator.
Email: endabuse[at]      Phone: 604.845.0841

Resources from MCC: 

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