What We Do

Mennonite Church British Columbia (MCBC) is a faith community of Christian churches who are called by God to be followers of Jesus Christ and to grow, by the power of the Holy Spirit, as communities of grace, joy, and peace so that God’s healing and hope flow through us to the world.

Ministry: Centred on Jesus | Accomplished by Congregations

Our collective ministry is centred on Jesus who, by the Holy Spirit, works through our local, missional congregations. Our congregations both call us to particular ministries and provide the volunteer ministers to organize and do the work. MCBC’s collective ministry is organised around three key themes - cultivating Anabaptist vision, engaging God's world, and growing community. Each of the three ministry areas has related ministry task groups and committees.

MCBC's three key ministry areas
(coloured-coded to our ministry diagram at the bottom)
with task groups and committees listed 
(if name is underlined then it links to relevant webpage - more added as developed)

Cultivating Anabaptist Vision

Camp Squeah
Columbia Bible College
Faith in Today's Church
Intercultural Church Task Group

Engaging God’s World

Affordable Housing Task Group
Creation Care Task Group
Indigenous Relations Task Group
Mennonite Central Committee BC
Nationwide Ministry
New Congregations and Revitalization Task Group

Palestine-Israel Network Task Group

Growing Community

Calling and Credentialing Task Group
Connecting Women Task Group
Pastoral Care

Youth Pastors

MCBC Ministry Diagram
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