Palestine - Israel Network (PIN)

The Mennonite Church BC Palestine and Israel Network (PIN) is a network of individuals who seek to promote a just peace in the Holy Land. Our mandate is aligned with the resolution on Palestine and Israel that was passed at the Mennonite Church Canada 2016 Assembly, in response to the call of Palestinian Christians.

In keeping with the activities of the resolution, the PIN seeks to:

  • stimulate prayer, education, and advocacy action in our congregations,
  • collaborate with Canadian Jews, Palestinians, and church-related bodies advocating for justice and dignity for all in Palestine and Israel,
  • promote support for international law and human rights in Israel and Palestine by engaging our government representatives, and
  • discourage economic practices and policies that help perpetuate the oppression of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

We invite your participation with the PIN.  To join a distribution list for updates, simply send your email contact to Jon Nofziger at

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The Israel Land Authority, (ILA), has invited bids from Israeli construction companies to fully “redevelop” the Lifta neighbourhood of Jerusalem. Lifta is one of the few remaining Palestinian villages that give a glimpse of the character of the hundreds of Palestinian villages depopulated in the Nakba. Descendants of those Palestinians forced to leave Lifta are asking the international community to put a stop to its total destruction.

Lord, we pray for all those forced from their homes in Palestinian villages in the Nakba. We pray that the remains of the village of Lifta may be preserved for posterity and the right for Palestinian refugees to return to their homes be respected and no longer ignored. Lord, in your mercy hear our prayers.

The Nassar family, living at their farm called the Tent of Nations (near Bethlehem) had more than 1,500 vines, olive, and almond trees torched at the end of May. Further damage was done to their land when Israeli military bulldozers crossed their land to uproot trees on their land, and the land of their neighbours.

Lord, strengthen and support the Nassar family as they seek to respond to the injustice they suffer in a non-violent way. Help them to remain steadfast in the face of provocation and not to falter in their determination to carry on farming their land. Lord, in your mercy hear our prayers.


A good resource for current content and analysis is an online forum called Kumi Now (= Rise Up). It is produced by Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, a grassroots movement among Palestinian Christians. Kumi Now connects advocates around the world with the organizations working in Palestine and Israel to bring a just and lasting peace based on international law and nonviolence. Online gatherings happen every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am (Pacific Time). Recordings of past sessions are also available for viewing at your leisure. You can register to receive the weekly newsletter with updates on what is happening in Palestine as well as for the online forum.

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Violence has again erupted between Hamas and Israel. A former Canadian Ambassador to Israel, Jon Allen, is reporting that "the causes for the disturbance leading up to and including the rocket fire are multiple: they are secular and religious, they are long standing and immediate and they are political. But they are ultimately centered on the question of Palestinian rights and lack thereof.

We invite you to write to Canadian governmental leaders, encouraging Canada to take a bolder stance on holding Israel accountable for a disregard of human rights and international law, specifically against home evictions. Click on the template button below for more context, a sample letter, and addresses.  

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