Camp Squeah Update

Right now @ Camp SqueahWe are so thankful for wonderful connections that are being nurtured at our Family Camp this week.  We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather, great food and a ton of activities and laughs. 

We are thankful for our chapel speaker, pastor Kevin Snyder, who has been unpacking Psalm 139 with us reminding us that God knows Us, God loves us, God is with us, God hears us, and God leads us. Our staff team has been doing a wonderful job of filling a multitude of roles. Please pray for their health and stamina. When it heats up like this it’s easy to wear down. And yes, we are still looking for a few weekly volunteers (especially women) to help us fill some gaps in late July and August. Please contact us if you’re interested in exploring this opportunity.

Get a glimpse of what our Discoverer campers experienced last week...

Discoverer Camp Video