MCBC Summer Psalms Sermon Series

This summer, MCBC is pleased to provide four video sermons for your congregation's worship time.

Jordan Pilgrim, Kelowna Church Plant Pastor, Valley Road Church

Psalm 127: Rest Assured

True success isn't about our own efforts, but relying on God's guidance. Discover the rhythmic balance of work and rest. When we rest in God's promises, we are really expressing our faith in God, knowing that God can transform our lives. Join us as we explore the powerful lessons of faith, rest, and reliance on divine timing!

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Graham McCarthy, Pastor, Peace Church on 52nd
Psalm 137: The Rivers of Babylon
This Psalm is hard to deal with - the kind of passage in scripture that makes us turn our head, and we're tempted to ignore it. But it is good to engage with it - this is a Psalm of lament and anger, but taking a deeper look at it can tell us just how much God cares to listen to our pain and sorrow. We need this Psalm, so we can hear the voice of the oppressed.

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Mary Barg, Spiritual Health Practitioner, Eden Mennonite Church

Psalm 42, 43: When our Prayer is, “God what are you doing?”

How to respond when our hearts are heavy because all is not well.

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Silas Wang, Pastor, White Rock Mennonite Church 

Psalm 147: 10000 Reasons

All of the life-changing experiences brought by God are the reasons why we praise Him. God's grace will pour out on those who fear Him and wait on His unfailing love. 

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Download the Discussion Guide Here:

Summer Psalms Discussion Guide