Affordable Housing Seminar

One does not need to search very hard to find quotes like this on the rental market in BC

'Renters are most prominently feeling the squeeze in B.C., according to a recent report that found the average listed rents were the highest in Canada in August at $2,675, up 10.8 per cent in the past year. Vancouver alone saw the average asking price for a rental apartment hit $3,316 a month — an increase of 7.3 per cent. Lee says exceptionally low vacancy rates mean it's unlikely those numbers go down anytime soon."

In fact, access to affordable rental housing is currently at a critical stage across Canada.

Fortunately some church communities across BC are ideally positioned to bring our faith based resources to bear on addressing this critical issue. A number of congregations across Canada are using some of their church's land resources for affordable housing projects.

This is a rapidly changing landscape with continually evolving initiatives, building codes, and finance options that may help congregations consider if this type of project is a fit for them.

In order to disseminate the most recent possible information to congregations, the MCBC affordable housing committee is hosting an information session on Nov 18, from 9 - 12. The session will be held both in person and virtually.

The following is a list of organizations that will be in attendance to provide information:

  1. The Lead Representative of the new BC Builds program.
  2. Representatives from Co-Here Housing Community.
  3. The GiveWise Foundation.
  4. More Than a Roof Housing Society.

Each of these organizations comes with extensive experience and expertise in the area of affordable housing.

Who may want to attend? Any congregation or group that may want to explore the possibility for a housing project on their property. Bring your questions, bring your friends, and join us at Emmanuel Mennonite Church on Nov the 18th. We look forward to learning together at that time.