Historical Sketch: Richmond Peace Chinese Mennonite Church


Originating as an outreach by Peace Mennonite Church in Richmond, BC, Jack & Rose To, founded Richmond Peace Chinese Mennonite Church in 1987. The congregation received initial assistance from Vancouver Chinese Mennonite and Chinese Grace Mennonite Church, although financial sustenance was made possible through a collaborative effort by the Mission/Service Committee of Peace Mennonite Church and Call to Kingdom Commitments, a special renewal effort of the General Conference Mennonite Church. The congregation joined the Conference of Mennonites in British Columbia in 1996. 

The primary language of worship is Cantonese, although some activities, including youth activities, are in English. The congregation worships in the facilities of Peace Mennonite Church, and has some joint activities with them. Membership in 2020 was 68.

The church is located in a city with an immigrant population of 60%, the highest in Canada, and many of those come from Mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Most congregants of Richmond Chinese Mennonite Church are longer-settled immigrants to the area, rather than recent ones. Outreach ministries include community classes and a summer camp for children.