Historical Sketch: Sherbrooke Korean Mennonite Fellowship

By 2002 the Evangelism and Church Development Committee of Mennonite Church British Columbia had developed a vision for a Korean ministry in Vancouver. Sherbrooke Mennonite Church was identified as the ideal location for this ministry. The idea was to establish a ministry within the church that was not a separate group but one that was integrated with the various ministries in the church, with Korean families attending English services.

Hun Lee, who was a pastor of London Vision Mennonite Church in London, Ontario, visited Vancouver to offer lectures and led seminars on Christian relationships, the nature of the church, and intentional community, based on Anabaptist principles. He encouraged people who had an interest in being Mennonite to attend Sherbrooke Mennonite Church (SMC). As a result, a Korean language worship service was started at Sherbrooke Mennonite Church in September 2004, called Sherbrooke Korean Mennonite Fellowship (SKMF).

In June 2005, a disagreement arose within the fellowship as to whether or not a pastor should be appointed. Half of the members wanted to have a pastor, the other half of members persisted in the belief that they did not need one. As a result, four families who wanted to have a pastor left to attend another church.

Until March 2006, the Fellowship did not have a pastor. In January 2006, SKMF had a time of discernment for four weeks to choose a pastor from among the members. As a result, Steve Park and Nak Sun Kim were chosen to serve as a pastoral team in March 2006. Steve Park, however, moved to Waterloo in order to study at Conrad Grebel University in August 2006.

In July 2007, the Fellowship held a commissioning service for Nak Sun Kim as their pastor at Sherbrooke Mennonite Church, together with the English and Vietnamese congregations that meet there.

Generally, Korean culture, as well as Korean churches, is very hierarchical. However, Sherbrooke Korean Mennonite Fellowship emphasizes horizontal relationships. All members participate in leadership. They call each other brother and sister instead of saying pastor or elder. Decisions are made by consensus. If one of the members disagrees, they wait until he/she agrees.

Sherbrooke Korean Mennonite Fellowship has two sections in their worship service. In the first part of the worship service they focus on praising God, confession, and listening to God; in the second part of the worship service, they focus on building the body of Christ (community) through listening to each other and praying for each other. As a result, in the first part of the service they all sit together and face towards the front; during the second part of the service they make a circle in order to listen to each other.

On every third Sunday of even months they have a community service in which one family prepares and leads worship in any style, such as a drama service without preaching. On every third Sunday of odd months, they give every member who has attended worship regularly for over two years an opportunity to preach.

After every Sunday Service, the Fellowship has a meal together. Each family brings a Korean dish called bibimbab, which is a mixed meal of rice and sautéed and seasoned vegetables. For them it is a symbol of the body of Christ. All kinds of different people come to Jesus, are mixed together in Jesus, and become the body of Christ – the church.

Every first Sunday of the month, Sherbrooke Korean Mennonite Fellowship and Sherbrooke Mennonite Church have a joint service and potluck lunch. The Christmas banquet is together with SMC and the Vancouver Vietnamese Mennonite Church (VVMC). Once a year, SKMF and VVMC join the Sherbrooke Mennonite Church Family Retreat. They also have an annual Community Fall Festival with SMC and VVMC. Like the Kingdom of God, all nations come under the reign of God and become the people of God together. In the spring and winter the Fellowship has their own Family Retreat.

Pastors & Years of Ministry



Steve Park 


Nak Sun Kim  

2006 – present