Camp Squeah Roof Repair

Greetings from the reluctantly quiet grounds of Camp Squeah, where we’d rather be welcoming and ministering to School Groups and our weekend Church retreats, but instead are focusing our efforts, in this COVID season, towards attending to the needs of our grounds and facilities.

Earlier this year, once we resigned ourselves to the reality that summer camp was not going to be an option, we discerned that after two years of postponement, we finally had a clear window of opportunity to address the leaks in our main lodge roof. After some delays in August, roofing contractors started tearing off the old roof in early September. The decision was made to start with the backside of the lodge as it is more complicated with more dormers to contend with, as well as the added complexities of chimney stacks and B-vents.

As anticipated, some rotten wood was discovered, removed, and replaced with good wood. We are thankful that the rot was confined to areas easily accessible and relatively inexpensive to replace. We’re simultaneously, thankful for the nice weather we received in September and are praying for a relatively dry October/ November, in order to build on the progress of these past few weeks. Currently, the insulation, plywood sheeting and waterproof membrane are being applied in sections, as we focus on re-building while anticipating a weekend of rain.

It was not an easy decision to commence with this project considering the revenue losses Camp has sustained through COVID. We are very grateful for the preliminary bridge financing authorized by the MCBC finance committee, which helped us kick start the roof restoration when we did. Now, we are seeking the help of Squeah supporters throughout MCBC and beyond to help us raise the funds necessary to complete this project and pay back the preliminary advance. Our goal is to raise $350,000.00 by Dec. 31st. Any moneys raised above and beyond the scope of the roof restoration will go towards offsetting the operational deficit we are dealing with as we pray for an end to this pandemic.

Rob Tiessen, Executive Director


There are a number of ways for you to conveniently give, including…

  • Mail in a cheque payable to Camp Squeah (designate to roof project in the memo line)
  • Address: #4-27915 TransCanada Hwy, Hope, BC, V0X 1L0
  • E-transfer to

If you have questions or wish to explore other options contact Rob Tiessen at 604-869-5353 (x102)